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Hosting / website
You've probably heard about the term hosting? Hosting is basically like renting an appartment. You rent a slice of a super-powered computer, commonly known as a server. Like apparments, servers come in all shapes and sizes. Shared hosting is your basic hosting option - excellent for small to medium websites. Our shared hosting is a bit more special than the rest. We can offer you award winning servers with speeds that average 20% above your average shared hosting options. We can also set up a VPS which is the penthouse suite of servers, pure speed and power! Click on the headline, to your left, to learn more about our hosting and prices.
Linda MacDonald
Linda MacDonald
JUN 11
Domain name / website
There are two main ingredients to a website. Hosting and then there is the domain name. The domain name is the name that people type into their browsers when they want to visit your site. is a domain name. Is there such a thing as the perfect domain name? Well no, but it is a really good idea to have a short one. The shorter the better, because people might fall asleep at their keyboards if you call it - Short and sweet is a good way to go because it's more rememberable which means more visitors and better rankings. If you cannot find the domain name of your dreams contact us on and we'll find it, if available, and set up your site immediately.
Linda MacDonald
Linda MacDonald
SEO / website
So you've just set up your site and excited to get all those visitors who will love and adore your site and make your business fly. But it doesn't attract as much attention as you'd hoped? Enter SEO, which is short for search engine optimization. You firstly need to consider your keywords. Are you ranking for the right ones? The are typically three categories of keywords low, medium and high volume keywords. The high volume keywords are attractive. A lot of people are searching for them, but also mean stiff competition. If your site is new it's a much better option to go for the low to medium volume keywords. Think of it like building a ramp - you're building your own ramp to success. Easy does it!
Linda MacDonald
Linda MacDonald
JAN 19